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Glencairn Nosing Copita

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Glencairn Nosing Copita

The Glencairn Nosing Copita is supplied by Glencairn Glass makers to many distilleries and blending labs around the world for experts. They are made of High quality lead free crystal and specially crafted for the best sensory analysis. The copita was the traditionally a sherry glass made in the form of tulip. If the sherry was going to be sampled directly from a sherry barrel, the sherry would be withdraw from the barrel using a venenciador which was a special cup crafted from a silver cup attached to a whale whisker. The venenciador would be used to extract the sherry from the then it would be directly poured in to a copita.

Glencairn Glass company

The Glencairn Glass company is a world renowned glass makers. They craft a large range of specialized glasses, decanters and more for many wold famous brands and are know for being a symbol of quality.