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Glentauchers 14 Years Old Fino Sherry Finish Permutations Series II

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Glentauchers 14 Years Old Fino Sherry Finish Permutations Series II

A robust single malt, distilled at Glentauchers Distillery in the heart of Speyside. Initially aged in a refill bourbon barrel, this whisky was then transferred to a first-fill Fino Sherry cask for a period exceeding two months. The result? A bold and indulgent sherry-forward dram, boasting a substantial, lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Glentauchers Distillery..

Another member of the ‘1890s gang’, Glentauchers was established in 1898 by James Buchana to provide fillings for its Buchanan’s and Black & White blends.

Experiments in ‘continuous pot still distillation’ were trialled here (and at Convalmore) at the start of the 20th century. This involved running a 100% barley mash through an adapted pot still. Production was upped considerably in 1966 when the number of stills increased from the original pair to half a dozen.

Glentauchers was one of the many distilleries which fell foul of the slump in demand in the early 1980s and was mothballed in 1985. It was, somewhat surprisingly at the time, snapped up by one of Diageo’s rivals, Allied Distillers, in 1989 [the Allied estate became part of Chivas Brothers in 2005] when it became a named component of Ballantine's  although the firm didn’t restart production until 1992.

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