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H. Upmann Coronas Junior

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H. Upmann Coronas Junior

H. Upmann Coronas Junior were previously known as Petit Upmann. This small cigar has the distinction of being one that President Kennedy bought heavily just before he signed the US/Cuban embargo. A great cigar for beginners with a presidential pedigree to boot. Plenty of cedar, a slight salt, spats of black pepper provide generally cooling flavours and a delicate tobacco sweetness.

  • Flavour: Light to Medium
  • Length: 4 1/2" (115 mm)
  • Ring Gauge: 36
  • Vitola: Cadete
  • Country: Cuba


Hermann Dietrich Upmann landed in Cuba in 1843 as an importer of Cuban goods for the city of Bremen, Germany. Quickly seeing the potential of further imports of tobacco he purchased a Cigar Factory and began producing cigars under the H. Upmann brand. The brand flourished but was to stumble with the outbreak of World War 1. The German owned company was closed for 30 months when the Cuban Government declared war on the German State and the market was cut off.

H. Upmann was rescued by the Owners of Montecristo who eventually fled after the Cuban Revolution. Among  the best known H. Upmann sizes are the Magnum 46 and Magnum 50 which were introduced in 2008. Other important sizes include the Sir Winston and the Connoisseurs Corona, which was introduced in 2011.