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Highland Park

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Highland Park 12 year old

Highland Park 12 year old is the classic single malt from Kirkwall, Orkney. This whisky is unique among Scotch whiskies in that it uses hard water during the brewing process. This has an influence in its flavour and character of course. The 12 year old has a fruity and malty palate with a hint of sweet smoke. This 5cl bottle offers the perfect dram to sample this classic whisky.

Highland Park distillery

Highland Park distillery was founded in 1798 however it received its license in 1826. It remained a family owned distillery until 1840 when ownership of the distillery was transferred to the youngest member of the family who happened to be a priest. The distillery's production capacity was expanded in 1898 to 4 stills and it has remained with 4 stills until now. In 1937 the distillery was acquired by a consortium composed by the Edrington Group and W. Grant and sons (owners of Glenfiddich). These days the distillery enjoys a strong position in the international whisky market. Apart from its usage of hard water in the brewing process, the peat used by this distillery has a rather high content of heather. This imparts a slightly perfumed note to the whisky.
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