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Home Tasting Packs - Around the World in 5 Malts 2021

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Home Tasting Packs - Around the World in 5 Whiskies 2021

For those of you who prefer to drink whisky in the comfort of your own sofa, we have created this home tasting packs. Embark on a jurney aroung the glob by sampling malt whiskies from five countries and compare them to your favourite drams. 

The 2021 Home Tasting pack contains the following whiskies:

  • Mackmyra Svensk EK - Sweeden
  • Michel Courveur Candid - France
  • Nikka from the Barrel - Japan
  • Cardrona "Just Hatched"-  New Zealand
  • Paul John BOLD - India                                                

             The bottles are labeled identically and can be differentiated by numbers. Each tasting pack will contain a card with information about the whiskies.


    Each pack contains five or four 50ml bottles which should be enough to share with your partner or to be split into two. With the Exception of our Lost In Time tasting which is currently only 25ml measures.