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Inchgower Madeira Finish Murray McDavid Cask Craft

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Inchgower Madeira Finish Murray McDavid Cask Craft

Since 1994, the company has been at the forefront of whisky maturation, expertly crafting exceptional Scotch whisky by finishing fine spirits in premium oak casks.

The exotic wine casks have elegantly mellowed this rich Inchgower spirit, resulting in alluring aromas of orchard fruits, honeyed cereal, and chocolate malt. It leaves a long, warming finish with flavors of sweet oak spice.

Inchgower distillery

Inchgower is a Speyside distillery located just outside Buckie, Moray. It was built in 1871 and was one of the area's most self-sufficient distilleries. The distillery managed to survive the Pattison crisis and WWI difficulties. The lack of demand from the American market during the prohibition was too much for Inchgower and it struggled. In 1936 it was closed down and, uniquely among distilleries, it was purchased by the local council.

Soon after, Arthur Bell and Sons bought the distillery. Ever since, the vast majority of the whisky produced at Inchgower has been used in blends including the Bell's blend. Under the Bell's ownership the production capacity was increased in 1966. After Guiness (who controlled Bell's) and Distillers Company Limited merged to form Diageo the distillery remained in the latter's portfolio.

The style of Inchgower is salty, waxy and spicy. This is achieved by employing a very short fermentation, very hot water during the mashing process and pot stills with a steep lyne arm.