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J Cortes Dominican - Corona

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J Cortes Dominican - Corona

The J Cortes Dominican Corona Tubos Cigar epitomizes elegance and smoothness, offering a luxurious experience with its subtle aroma. Ideal for weddings, this short filler cigar requires no additional preparation as it comes pre-cut and ready for your enjoyment.

  • Size: 38
  • Ring Gauge: 5 3/8"
  • Vitola: Corona
  • Strength: Mild to Medium
  • Country: Machine Made in the EU


Established in 1926, J Cortes Cigars stands as a distinguished Belgian cigar producer with a rich legacy of crafting exceptional cigars. Presently available in over 80 countries, the brand has evolved into one of the foremost family-owned cigar companies globally. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, J Cortes meticulously selects the finest tobacco, ensuring a premium and unparalleled smoking experience.

At the heart of their success lies a team of seasoned selectors, whose expertise spans generations within the tobacco industry. Raised in an environment steeped in the traditions of tobacco cultivation, these selectors boast highly refined taste and smell senses, honed through years of dedicated training. This unwavering dedication to craftsmanship sets J Cortes Cigars apart, making them a symbol of quality and sophistication for cigar enthusiasts worldwide.