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Linkwood 25 year old Gordon & MacPahail Distillery Labels

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Linkwood 25 year old Gordon & MacPahail Distillery Labels

The Linkwood 25 Year Old is a testament to the artistry and expertise of both the distillery and the bottler. This expression is characterized by its remarkable depth and complexity, drawing upon a quarter-century of maturation to create a harmonious and balanced flavor profile.

On the nose, the Linkwood 25 Year Old reveals an exquisite bouquet of rich fruits, including ripe apples, succulent pears, and juicy oranges, intertwined with delicate floral notes and a subtle hint of honey. The palate offers a symphony of flavors, with luscious caramel and toffee mingling with velvety dark chocolate and hints of warm spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The long and satisfying finish lingers, leaving a lingering sweetness and a whisper of oak.

Each bottle of Linkwood 25 Year Old Gordon & MacPhail distillery labels is a testament to the time-honored traditions and craftsmanship that define the world of Scotch whisky.


Linkwood distillery is located close to Elgin in the Speyside. It was built in 1821 but only started operations in 1824 once the Excise Act 1823 was enacted. The distillery operated under the management of an appointed master distiller until the death of the founder Peter Brown. His son William Brown took control of the distillery immediately after his death.

The distillery was rebuilt between 1872 and 1873 and the production capacity was increased. The distillery operated independently until William Brown's death. His family formed the Linkwood-Glenlivet Co. after his passing and expanded the production capacity once more. Innes Cameron, who went on to become the largest shareholder at Linkwood-Glenlivet, joined the company in 1902.