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Peterson Avoca 3 Pipes Leather Bag - (POU140)

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Peterson Avoca 3 Pipes Leather Bag - (POU140)

The Peterson Pipe Bag POU 141 is a fantastic leather Pipe Case with detachable tobacco pouch. Space to hold 3 pipes and a pocket for pipe tools etc. Measures approx. 7" x 4.5" X 2.5" when closed. Also supplied with a leather wrist strap.

Peterson of Dublin

Often regarded as one of the finest Tobacconists to come out of the British Isles is arguably Peterson of Dublin . The opening of Kapp Brothers in 1865 was the start of a Legend the reverberates through the halls of tobacco history. when Charles Peterson presented the Kapp Brothers with his revolutionary pipe design and become a partner in the company the Peterson brand was created. At the height of its popularity if you were a smoker of any fashion you smoked a Peterson, politicians, artists, bankers and Working men all smoked Peterson pipes and Peterson pipe tobacco.