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Peterson Sherlock Holmes Rusticated Deerstalker

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Peterson Sherlock Holmes Rusticated Deerstalker

Originally released as part of their Original Sherlock Holmes collection (1989-1991), this slightly bent Rhodesian was designed by their senior craftsman Paddy Larrigan and features a soft, Billiard-like bowl with a graceful, sweeping transition leading into its muscular shank.

  • Length:159mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Bowl Height: 56mm
  • Bowl Width: 44mm
  • Chamber Depth: 43mm
  • Chamber Width: 21mm
  • Stem Materia: Vulcanite
  • Shape: Rhodesian
  • Finish: Rusticated
  • Material: Briar

About the range...

In 1987, a special commemorative pipe was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of A Study in Scarlet, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first novel in the Sherlock Holmes universe, originally published in the November 1887 issue of Beeton's Christmas Annual. The pipe took on a tubular, almost trumpeting Calabash shape: an XL version of the 305(b) System first designed by the senior craftsman, Paddy Larrigan. That design is better known today as the Original.

Before his retirement, Larrigan went on to create the prototypes for each of the seven shapes in the Original Sherlock Holmes Collection, released between 1989 and 1991, all of which were inspired by people, places, or important artifacts from Doyle's stories. Continuing with that theme, the company followed those first Sherlock Holmes designs with The Return of Sherlock Holmes line (1992-1997), ushering in an additional seven original shapes, as well as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series (2011), in which an additional four signature models were added.

Collectively, these pieces would comprise one of the most popular and sought-after series, still produced today in a variety of finishes, all banded with sterling silver and stamped with the series' logo, itself inspired by a silhouette of Basil Rathbone with a 4AB System (Large Dutch Billiard) clenched between his teeth.