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Peterson Standard System Smooth No. 304 Fishtail

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Peterson Standard System No.304 Fishtail

A smaller version of the famous flat-bottomed Oom Paul, this deeply bent design is a sturdy sitter with the comfortable posture of a bent pipe. Despite its compact size, it maintains the iconic muscularity, stout proportions, and overall antique look of our House Style.

  • Length: 129 mm
  • Filter: None
  • Bowl Height: 40 mm
  • Bowl Width: 41mm
  • Chamber depth: 30mm
  • Chamber width: 19mm
  • Weight: 54g
  • Material: Briar
  • Stem Material: Acrilic

About the Series...

The System Standard stamp first appeared in 1945, but the entry-level design has been a staple in Peterson's catalogues since Charles Peterson secured his final patent in 1898. Designed to provide a cooler, drier smoke, each pipe features a deep reservoir within the shank to collect excess moisture; a graduated bore mouthpiece that funnels the smoke and allows moisture to collect within the reservoir; a sturdy nickel military mount, which allows the pipe to be broken down and cleaned without damage or warping; and our patented P-Lip bit, which draws the smoke upward, thus reducing tongue bite. While the P-Lip bit is the traditional choice, we also offer System Standard pipes with fishtail stems. Available here in the traditional walnut stain of the Smooth finish.