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Pickering's Naval Strength

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Pickering's Naval Strength 70cl

Pickering's Naval Strength Gin is a gin bottled at full strength. Original the preserve of the Royal Navy this style of Gin has become very popular as of late in cocktails and with a splash of tonic water. Pickering's Navel Strength is made with a perfect mixture of botanical's and of course Juniper Berries.



Pickering's is the first Gin distillery in Edinburgh for 150 years. This very special gin is made from a Recipe that for almost 66 years was a family secret of the Pickering family. Written on a piece of paper dated 17th July 1947 it would have stayed that way if two men (Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell) hadn't met. They did however and in 2013 they opened Pickering's Gin in Summer Hall Edinburgh an old Veterinarian college. In the old Kennels of the building the distillery was constructed and quickly started producing one of the finest gins to have come out of a still in many a long year.

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