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Rhythm and Booze Records #1: The Rhythm and Booze Project 13YO Single Sherry Butt Blended Malt

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Rhythm and Booze Records #1: The Rhythm and Booze Project 13YO Single Sherry-Butt Blended Malt (50 cl)

Rhythm and Booze Records is known as the world's pioneering combination of a record label and an independent bottler, seamlessly fusing remarkable music with meticulously curated spirits to craft distinctive tasting and auditory encounters.

For the label's inaugural release, they remain within their own creative circle, highlighting their in-house musical project, The Rhythm and Booze Project, which served as the wellspring of inspiration for these particular bottled offerings.

A carefully chosen 13-year-old blended malt, aged in a sherry butt, has been paired with their raw blues music. This whisky serves as an impeccable complement, characterized by its opulent fruitiness and subtle leather undertones.

To indulge in this unique fusion, one simply needs to scan the QR code situated on the bottle's rear label, granting access to streaming or downloading the musical tracks. Then, pour oneself a dram and embark on an enjoyable journey.

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