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Staoisha (Bunnahabhain) 9 Years Old PX Brandy Finish Permutations Series 1

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Staoisha (Bunnahabhain) 9 Years Old PX Brandy Finish Permutations Series 1

A robustly peated single malt, distilled at Bunnahabhain Distillery and bottled at cask strength. Originating from Islay, this whisky began its maturation journey in a first-fill Jim Beam bourbon barrel, culminating in a finish in a 50-year-old first-fill PX Brandy cask. Offering a wintertime experience, it boasts rich notes of caramelized BBQ char.

  • Original Cask Type: 1st Fill Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel
  • Finishing Cask Type: 1st Fill PX Brandy
  • Filled: 11.10.2013
  • Finish Dates: 11.08.22 - 20.02.23
  • Aged 9 Years
  • ABV: 55.8%
  • No fo Bottles: 104

Bunnahabhain Distillery

Bunnahabhain distillery was built in 1881. From the start, the project was a massive task. A pier to load and unload barrels was needed. A road and houses for the distillery workers was also needed. Some £30 000 (£2.6 million in today's money) were spent building it. 

While many distilleries on the island supplied blenders and sold their spirit as single malt, Bunnahabhain did not. All of its production was being sold to blenders. Three major blends, Cutty Sark, Famous Grouse and Black Bottle used the spirit from this distillery.

In the 1963 the production capacity of the distillery was doubled. Less than two decades later, the distillery was mothballed for a couple of years. When the distillery reopened, it kept on supplying blenders. The owners of the distillery, The Edrington Group, sold it in 2003 to Burn Stewart. Their parent company went bust in 2009 and South African distributors Distell acquired it. Bunnahabhain has gone from strength to strength ever since.