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Starward DOLCE - Australian Single Malt Whisky

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Starward Dolce

This absolutely superb single malt is a tasty limited expression from Starward distillery named Dolce. This release has been matured in Australian red wine casks and then transferred to casks that previously held Australian dessert wine. The cask selection has brought lots of jammy-red fruits to this single malt, along with raisins, dates and sticky marshmallows - the texture is so lovely that if feels like it can be eaten with spoons instead of drinking.

Starward Distillery

Founded in 2007 by David Vitale in Melbourne, Australia. Production has doubled since the brand moved to a purpose-built distillery in Melbourne’s Docklands Precinct, which was established in 2016.  Their barley is sourced from between Hunter Valley in Northern Sydney and the Adelaide Hills. On top of that good quality  red wine casks from Victoria are used to mature the whisky. The single malts are aged for less time than standard Scotch as with a warmer climate, the maturation process is affected and has the apparent influence of accelerating it.