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Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Danish Whisky 70cl 46% ABV

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Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Danish Whisky

'Stauning or chaos!' was the slogan used by politician Thorvald Stauning during his 1935 election campaign. Kaos is a vatting of the three different whiskies produced at the Stauning distillery: un-peated single malt whisky, malted rye whisky and peated single malt whisky. While in Scotland such whisky would be labelled as a 'single blend', Stauning distillery decided to label their spirit as a Triple Malt to draw attention to the complexity of the blend, the ingredients and production process. 

Expect a whisky far from chaotic with light and sweet smoke aromas. You will find nougat, caramel, stewed apples and toasted barley on the palate. The finish is persistent with dried orange peel, wood smoke and cocoa powder. 

Stauning Kaos was aged in heavily-charred, virgin, American oak casks as well as first-fill ex bourbon casks for between 4 and 5 years.

Stauning distillery

Built outside the small village of Stauning on the Danish West coast, this distillery produces great whisky using locally grown grain, it own malting floor and direct-fired copper pot stills. 

The distillery is built in the Danish architectural style using clean, sharp angles, burnt wood, glass and metal. It's a modern interpretation of humble fishermen's hut and reflects the local community as well its history and tradition.

The distillery was founded by 9 friends from different backgrounds on the site of a former abattoir. They had no technical expertise and relied on what they had available to them, land, pure Danish water, peat and grain.