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Tullibardine Sherry Finish Murray McDavid Cask Craft

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Tullibardine Sherry Finish Murray McDavid Cask Craft

Since 1994, the company has been at the forefront of whisky maturation, expertly crafting exceptional Scotch whisky by finishing fine spirits in premium oak casks.

This luxurious method of whisky maturation has yielded a dram characterized by indulgence and sophistication. The Spanish Sherry casks have created a harmonious blend of fruity flavors, culminating in a rich finish of praline and enticing sweet spice.

Tullibardine Distillery

Distilleries and breweries have been built on or close to the site of the current Tullibardine distillery since at least 1798. All of those ventures ended up in financial ruin. The last business to be located on the site of the current distillery was the Gleneagles brewery which closed in 1927. 

Decades later, in 1949, William Delme-Evans acquired the site of the defunct Gleneagles distillery and built what we today know as Tullibardine distillery. The new site was bought and sold a couple of times between 1953 and the early 1990's when it was acquired by Whyte & Mackay. This latter company promptly mothballed the distillery in 1994. 

In 2003 a business conglomerate acquired the distillery and its stocks. It planned to sell some of the site to property developers so that funds could be obtained to reinvigorate the distillery. Sadly the vast majority of the ageing stocks had been put into old or low quality casks by previous owners. A massive re-casking operation was carried out and a series of 'finished' whiskies was released. The current owners, Picard Vins & Spiritueux (PV&S), bought the distillery in 2011 and a few years later it bought back the site sold to the property developers in the 1990's. 

Under the ownership of PV&S Tullibardine distillery has gone from strength to strength and continues to expand its portfolio. A very well presented miniature pack was released in 2020 despite the global pandemic affecting demand for whisky worldwide.