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Xikar Travel Humidor 18-24 Cigar Capacity - Black

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Xikar Travel Humidor 18-24 Cigar Capacity - Black

Cigars stored in your travel humidor should already be stabilized to the perfect humidity if they came from your personal humidor or cigar shop. Remember to close your travel humidor so that it remains airtight when not in use. Keeping the humidor airtight will help maintain the humidity and preserve your cigars longer.

  • 20 cigar capacity (actual fit may vary depending on cigar sizes, between 18 to 24 cigars)
  • airtight... watertight... crushproof
  • super-strong ABS molded plastic construction
  • stainless steel hinge and latch hinges
  • molded lock ring
  • high density urethane foam
  • 50ct Humidifier with magnet attachment
  • pressure relief valve for opening
  • locking clasp