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August 2016 News

August 2016 News

Jeffrey St News

5 New things to be excited about at Jeffrey St

Easy Answers IPA - Burning Sky Artisan Brewers and Blenders 

This phenomenal IPA was produced by UK brewer of the year 2014 Mark Tranter. Yes, there are countless IPAs out there however this one conquers the palate with an explosion of well-balanced flavours and aromas. A medum to long finish and a restrained bitterness. The beer has impressed palates world wide, scoring an impressive 94 points on  

Carn Mor Caol Ila 8 year old

Carn Mor has done it yet again with this bottle of Caol Ila 8 year old. A run of only 795 bottles so not as limited as some of their bottlings, however that just means there is more of the whisky for the rest of us. It is everything that you would expect from Caol Ila but with a twist. Full of the usual meaty flavours: smokey bacon, burnt toast and a hint of Iodine but as the malt sits on the palate you start to find the taste of grain silos with a surprisingly strong Lemongrass taste so not your usual Islay malt and certain to please even the pickiest of Islay drinkers.

Tempest Mexi Cake

Not so much a new Beer but rather a old companion who has been absent for far to long, returned but not for long; the Tempest Mexi Cake is back on our shelves. Tempest brewing has produced this beer with the intent of ensuring that one bottle will do. A rich and full Imperial Stout beer that surprises with ever sip. Brewed with cocoa and various styles of chilli the beer has proven that beer isn't just a mixture of grains but rather a complex and exciting drink.

Cigar Club

This month we are pleased to announce the launch of our cigar club every month those that buy the deal will receive a specially chosen selection of Cuban cigars that will change with every month and purchase.

Beer Tastings

Also this month we are excited to bring our tastings to a new and even loftier height with the launch of our Beer tastings. Pop in to the shop to enquire about our cleverly constructed tastings and learn everything beer in a relaxing and inviting environment.
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