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Brewery of the Month: November 2016

Brewery of the Month: November 2016

Photo: Stephen Gardiner

Brewery of the Month: November 2016

Every month we talk about a small batch brewery and include its brews in our beer tastings. This time, the Brewery of the Month: November 2016 is Fallen Brewing Co. a brewery located West of Stirling on the site of the old Kippen Railway station.

Fallen Brewing Co

This month we have consumed our fair share of beer from Fallen Brewing Co. a brewery that is very unique and offers a great range of brews. The brewery's signature is its usage of new world hops and the assertive flavours of their beers. Paul Fallen, head brewer, started home brewing more than 10 years ago. Since at least 2012 he has brewed for commercial purposes and his beers have been very well received.

He decided to brew exciting and tasty beers after becoming desilusioned with bland, mass-produced and pasteurised beers on supermarket shelves. Rather than focusing on bold, high strength and complex styles, his brews lean towards the traditional side of things while using plenty of New World flavours. No wonder his beers are popular.

What's more, this brewery has fine beers for everyone. Like your ales but want subtler hop flavours? The DragonFly is for you then. Want more hops? why not knock back a bottle of the 'Local Motive', a delicious Session IPA. Feel that a richer, fuller-bodied brew is more your scene? You can choose between the top class Platform C IPA, the Blackhouse Smoked Porter or the delightful Chew Chew.

These days Fallen beers are available by tap or by the bottle in many independent bottle shops and bars. Here at Jeffrey st. we love every single one of their exceptional creations. With a particular liking for the: Platform C, Grapevine, Big Raspberry Dog Chew and the session IPA Local Motive.

This month we are please to be featuring Fallen beers in all of our beer tastings. Join us for a beer tasting where you will get the opportunity to sample specially selected beers and enjoy them with a Fallen beer.

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