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Demi Moore Smoking Cigar

Buying cigars: How to choose them

There was a time when smoking cigars was a daily occurrence for a huge part of the world’s population and cigar talk was common but, of course, those days are long gone and with it, much general knowledge of cigar smoking.

If you look for cigar tips or etiquette guides online, very often the advice provided is confusing, obsolete (e.g. 'only hold the cigar band while smoking to avoid staining your white gloves...') or plain wrong. We hope our handy guide will clear the waters.

Construction is key

Now, this may sound a little odd but it is possible to feel your way to a good cigar… bear with us here. If you roll a cigar between your thumb and index finger, you’ll be able to feel for any lumps which could be a clue to poor quality. Another giveaway, is if you feel that filling is missing or that if the body is too soft, don’t even bother. You’re looking for a good consistency and fill right the way along the cigar, and that’s what you can expect from a quality brand.

Don’t fret about price

The biggest mistake many apprentice cigar smokers make (we rather like this term), is that they put far too much emphasis on price. Many wrongly assume that the more expensive the cigar is, the better it will be. This isn’t true. Of course, there are extremely expensive cigars which are out-of-this-world-crazy-good but there’s also myriad cigars that are exquisite but won’t break the bank.

So, remember, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean your cigar is going to knock your socks off. Seek out the quality tobacco Finding a cigar that’s packed with delicious, quality tobacco isn’t an exact science and without some prior knowledge, you’re unlikely to really know… so how do you tell? It’s simple really. Go for the bigger brands when you’re feeling your way through the cigar world at first. The bigger producers tend to get first take at the best tobacco so, naturally, they produce better quality cigars. Of course, this isn’t always the case and there are plenty less well-known options that you’ll adore. When in doubt ask someone who knows. They’ll be able to give you great advice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Perhaps the biggest point to consider when trying out cigars, is that it’s completely subjective. You’ll like something we don’t and vice versa. Remember the last great single malt whisky you had? Well, it’s quite possible your mate hated it. It’s the exact same with cigars. Every cigar offers different characteristics. Don’t be afraid to try new ones and find the one you really love.
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