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April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

This is our April 2016 Newsletter and we will talk about a new arrival as well as a perfect cigar to match this new whisky. This new single malt has now sold out and only those 'early birds' who received our newsletter at the beginning of the month were able to grab a bottle for themselves. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to receive news and read our articles. News This month one of Scotland's newest malts has hit the shelves in Edinburgh: The Wolfburn single malt. Wolfburn distillery is located in Thurso, Caitness it is the Northernmost distillery in the mainland. It was re-opened, re-built and re-invented (it really depends on who you talk to) in 2012 by Aurora Brewing Limited, a company incorporated in 2011. Wolfburn distillery has an interesting story behind it. The original distillery opened in 1821 and was producing large quantities of whisky, but then it ceased all distillation in the 1850s. The exact date and reason for closure is still unknown. An ordnance survey map from the year 1872 lists the site of the distillery as 'ruins'. This means that up until 2012, the distillery had been closed for 135 years! It is not very common to build distilleries on the sites of previous or derelict distilleries. This makes Wolfburn one of the few distilleries to take advantage of a past known good whisky water source and history of the area. An example of another distillery taking advantage if these advantage is the GlenTurret distillery in Crieff which was built on the site of the Hosh distillery that closed in 1921. What's new We have included Wolfburn single malt in our popular whisky tasting 'The Regions'. Wolfburn will be representing the Highlands in the tasting. Of course, many other malts will still be available in our different tastings, the ones to keep an eye out for are: Royal Brackla 23 year old, a 40 year old blended malt, a single cask Ardbeg bottled at cask strength and a rare Braes of Glenlivet 25 year old. Something to enjoy After the clocks went forwards an hour and the days are longer we find ourselves with a bit extra energy to carry on. Given that it is milder and there is plenty of light, we sometimes indulge ourselves in a cheeky after-work cigar. There is nothing like taking a stroll around Princes St. Gardens while puffing away on a Charatan robusto or a Romeo and Julieta Short Churchill. Both cigars are medium sized and offer a medium palate with some spice and a creamy palate. Did we mention that they match Wolfburn single malt whisky?   Next month we will be talking about World Whisky Day.   The team
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