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Edinburgh Castle Ads

Edinburgh Castle Ads

Edinburgh Castle Ads

Great news today. Edinburgh City Council has given us permission to advertise on the castle! Showing the city's commitment to promoting and supporting small, independent businesses like ourselves, an advertising campaign will run from today until September.  Visitors to Scotland's capital will be able to take photographs of the landmark as well as ads. Tourists from all over the world will be promoting the local brands to an international audience.   UNESCO spokesperson Sarah McCromack commented: 'we were concerned about potential structural damage to the Castle's foundations. We were reassured that the banners will just be hung from nails hammered into the castle rocks. From our point of view this is sufficient to safeguard the famous landmark.'  Martin Fannon, a critic of the idea expressed 'concerns' over the appearance of the castle during the busiest period of the city. He said: 'I don't think ads should be displayed on the famous landmark, it will look ugly and many multinational companies will take advantage of the idea' When he was shown the proposed banners he changed his mind and commented that, 'the ads are not that bad after all'. We invite you today to take a stroll around the castle and have a look at it. We also invite you to take a look at the calendar and see today's date..... April's fools! The team
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