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Five Scottish Gins to welcome Spring in.

Five Scottish Gins to welcome Spring in.

photo: WillCookforFriends

Five Scottish Gins to welcome Spring in.

Spring is almost here! the temperatures are milder and the thermometer has dared to go above 10º. We've had some sunny days and daffodils started to appear around us. That can only mean good news. More and more garnishes for decent gin and tonics and gin based cocktails will be available very soon. Here are five Scottish gins we're looking forwards to sampling this Spring.

Crossbill Gin

This superb gin from Argyll is made using 100% Scottish botanicals. It has a saline hint, celery-like undertones and black pepper flavours. The finish is long and complex and has a citrus undertone. Enjoy it neat or over ice and marvel at its rich and elegant palate. Have it in a White Lady cocktail and enjoy how the citrus notes of the drink come to life.

Firkin Gin

Let's be honest, some days still call for a warming, rich drink and Firkin gin is just perfect. This barrel aged gin has a pleasant vanilla-driven palate, oak notes and even hints of smoke. We recommend it served on ice with a generous splash of ginger ale and a squeeze of lime. If it's colder than expected out there, a Firkin Negroni will sort you right out.

House of Elrick Gin

This gin is very new and it's distilled using water from the famous Loch Ness. It has a refreshing and aromatic palate and goes well in classic cocktails like the Gimlet, Collins or the legendary Dry Martini. The delicate flavours present in the gin call for generous measures in the recipes.

Makar Gin

Distilled at the Glasgow Distillery this bold and rich gin has a juniper-driven palate throughout. Coriander, angelica root and pine resin-like notes emerge and its finish goes on and on. The assertive flavours of this gin would shine in a dry martini or in a tall glass with ice and soda water. If you're feeling adventurous a Ramos Gin Fizz will please your palate.

Pickering's Gin

Distilled at the Royal Dick in Edinburgh, very close to the Old Town, this gin has upfront juniper palate with plenty of cardamon fennel and lime. This gin has a smooth palate with anise flavours and makes a superb gin and tonic, adds complexity to a Negroni an enhances the botanical flavours in an Americano cocktail. There you have it, the Scottish gins mentioned above are perfect to welcome Spring and offer something different for everyone. Whether you like long drinks, short drinks, boozy drinks or elaborated drinks we're sure you'll find something to welcome Spring with. Cheers!
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