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Is Gin and slim tonic the perfect summer drink?

Is Gin and slim tonic the perfect summer drink?

The warm and sunny days are here. Many of us have planned holidays to the beach or the countryside and are eager to enjoy the sunshine with a drink or two wherever we are. Excesses aside, many people are cautious as to what to drink and worry about the calories in their favourite drinks. Check our handy guide to discover how many calories are present in the most popular drinks. 


Beer is made from healthy ingredients such as hops, yeast and grain, unfortunately, drinking more than a fair share of beer will be reflected in your waistline. Low alcohol beers like Bud Light provide 55 calories in a 330ml serving. As a general rule, the more alcohol in your beer, the more calories too. 


A large glass of red wine with an ABV of 13% will provide you with up to 228 calories. Those with an active lifestyle who run between 15 and 20 kilometres a week shouldn't worry too much. 

Spirits with mixer

Amber spirits like whisky, brandy and rum contain between 55 and 68 calories per 25ml serving. If you add a mixer like coke or lemonade you will be adding some 140 calories plus lots of sugar. Clear spirits like gin and unflavoured vodka contain between 50 and 53 calories per 25ml serving.  

Gin and slim tonic 

If you wan to enjoy a long drink without the guilt, we recommend a gin with slim line tonic. There are hundreds of different gins out there and we're sure you will find a new favourite. Unlike regular tonic, slim tonic adds just between 1 and 3 calories to your drink. That means that a gin and slim line tonic has less calories than a glass of wine! 

There you have it, next time you want to enjoy a quality Scottish gin at the beer garden simply order a Pickering's gin and slim tonic. 

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