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Meet the Maker: Esker Gin

Meet the Maker: Esker Gin

In the first of our 'meet the maker' series we reached out and spoke to Scottish gin distiller, Esker gin. These guys have a delicious Scottish gin on offer that we at Jeffrey Street love as much as the people of Edinburgh.

We managed to grab five minutes with Esker gin's Director, Steven Duthie, as he describes to us what makes his gin so good.

Tell us a little bit about why you decided to get into the gin trade?

A few years ago we started distilling at home as we were interested in the process. Over the period of a couple of years we had developed a gin that we really liked, and which was well received when sampled by others. There were no other gins in our region at the time so we thought, maybe that could be us, and we set up the Esker distillery.

What makes Esker Gin so good?

It’s full flavour. Esker is a classic London dry gin with enhanced flavours to create a gin that delivers a real taste experience to the consumer. A gin complimented by mixers and garnish, not defined by then.

Are there any future plans on the horizon for Esker Spirits?

We called our company Esker Spirits as we saw Esker Gin as just our starting point. We are always working on new spirits and plan to release these in due course. We also started exporting earlier this year and this is something we are building on.

What's your signature serve?

We recommend Esker Gin over ice with a good tonic and garnish with orange peel. However, we don’t have a ‘perfect serve’, we encourage people to experiment and find their own perfect serve. As it’s a smooth spirit and big on taste, it can also be sipped neat.

What's the craziest serving you've seen with gin, and would you recommend it? 

I’ve had a few people say to me at tasting events that they like gin with Coke.

I personally wouldn’t recommend it, but given our philosophy on perfect serves, I wouldn’t tell them they’re wrong either.


Have you tried Esker gin? Visit Jeffrey Street and order yours today

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