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The Strange tale of the Macphunn and his Whisky

The Strange tale of the Macphunn and his Whisky

The Strange Tale of the Macphunn

The Macphunn a name of a infamous cattle and sheep rustler from Scotland's West coast. A tale of skilled theft and eventually even death defying luck. Archie Macphunn was, like many others at the time, an outlaw; not a truly criminal man just an opportunistic cattle thief. Caught by the powerful Clan Campbell stealing cattle from their lands near Loch Fyne was to be his undoing. Proclaimed as a criminal and rapidly sentenced to death he was strung up from a tree on the lochside of Loch Fyne. After a few minutes of dancing the Hangman's Jig Archie was declared dead. However, things where not as they seemed. Archie's fine wife, a Wet Nurse, had heard off Archies fate, Stricken with grief she rowed across Loch Fyne to collect her beloveds Corpse with the intent of burying him. When at last she had retrieved her husbands body and began her journey back she became aware that her husband was still moving in the boat. Grabbing a nearby bottle of Whisky she mixed a healthy dram with her own breast milk and fed it to him. By the time the boat had reached the other shore Archie was fully revived. From this day forth the tale of half hung Archie has been talked of over a few glasses of quality whisky and amongst good company. A tale of the benefits and miracle that is Whisky. From time to time the descendent of the legendary Macphunn has released a cask of Single Malt Whisky in his honour. In the most recent incarnation of the Whisky we have seen a 19 year old Speyside Single Malt from what is a secret distillery but if enough time is given to it is likely to have been a Glenfarclas. Now finished it was a fantastic Sherry cask Whisky that dried the wettest of mouths and tickled even the hardest of taste buds. The Current Macphunn release is a Peated Sherry cask 16 year old Whisky from the Highlands that has all the nature of the finest Christmas fruit cake and the fantastic essence of fresh peat fires and home baking. A more homely Whisky we have never come across, Bottled at cask strength and with no colouring added it is just the sort of Whisky that would revive even the most corpse like of drinkers. All that is left to say is that it lives up to the reputation and the remaining bottles are evaporating a little to quickly.
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