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Bladnoch is a Lowland distillery located in Bladnoch close to Dumfries. It started as a farm distillery in 1817 and remained a family business until 1905. During the original tenure, the distillery saw periods of boosted production, expansion and growth. A rise in excise duty, the temperance movement and other factors hit the distillery. Unlike most distilleries in the area Bladnoch remained open until 1905. 

In 1911 an Irish distillery acquired Bladnoch and produced spirit irregularly until 1937. Rumours were spread by the mighty Distillers Company Limited (DCL) that 'Irish whiskey had no future'. Even though the company was profitable and had a healthy inventory it was mothballed for some 12 years. In 1949 the distillery was bought and the new owners sold the matured stocks and sent the distilling equipment to Sweden. 

After a couple of more changes in ownership, the distillery was reopened in 1956. Ten years after reopening, production capacity was doubled. In the early 1980's the distillery was acquired by Arthur Bell and Son and this latter company became part of Guinness/United Distillers (today's Diageo). Production slowed down and in 1993 the distillery was decommissioned. 

Two Irish brothers acquired the distillery buildings in 1994. After deciding that they were going to produce whisky, they spent some 6 years restoring the distillery. In 2009 their first single malt was released but some 5 years later the brothers went into liquidation. In 2015 an Australian businessman and yoghurt industrialist acquired the distillery and released a range of three single malts. 

These days the style of Bladnoch single malt is light, grassy and floral. 

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