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Caledonian distillery was built in 1855 at Haymarket, Edinburgh. Its location was chosen because of its proximity to Haymarket station and the Forth & Clyde canal. The distillery was Scotland's largest for a few decades. Two years after Caledonian was built Scotland had 17 grain whisky distilleries and this led to an oversupply.

In 1867 two massive pot stills were installed at Caledonian. They were used to produce a, 'Irish style' whisky that, at the time, was hugely popular among blenders. By 1884 the mighty Distillers Company Limited (DCL) had acquired it.

In 1966 it was transferred to Scottish Grain distillers, and after a couple of mergers the distillery became part of Guinness/DCL's subsidiary: United Distillers (UD). The mass consolidation of UD in 1988 resulted in Caledonian distillery being closed down in 1988. Part of the plant was demolished and turned into flats. All that's left from the distillery is the chimney's stack.

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