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There is evidence of distillation at the location of the Glenfarclas distillery dating back to 1790. Some speculate that illicit distillation took place there. 13 years after the Excise Act was enacted a local man acquired a license to produce alcohol legally. The distillery operated without major incidents until 1865 when it was bought by John Grant whose descendants still run Glenfarclas as an independent distillery.

This distillery formed a partnership with infamous whisky brokers Robert and Walter Pattison in 1896. Soon after the crimes of the Pattison brothers were uncovered and their company went into liquidation, the Grant family resumed full ownership of the distillery. They have focused on single malt whisky production and they have some of the oldest stocks of matured single malt whisky in the industry.

A rich spirit shaped by slow fermentation, directly fired stills and clear wort is aged for the most part in ex-sherry casks. The distillery enjoys a cooler micro-climate than other distilleries in the area, this limits the angle share to 0.5% per annum.


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