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Glentauchers distillery is located very close to Keith in the Speyside. It was founded in 1897, architect Charles Doig was in charge of overseeing its construction. The distillery was built to provide spirit used in the Buchanan's and Black & White blends. The site was chosen for its proximity to the railway network and for its reliable source of water. 

Its parent company merged with Dewars in 1915. After WWI came to an end, the distillery was refurbished in 1920. Five years later the Buchanan-Dewar company merged with the mighty Distillers Company Limited (DCL). It remained part of the latter's company until 1930 when Glentauchers was transferred to Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD).

The distillery increased production capacity in 1966 and operated without major incidents until the early 1980's. During that decade the whisky industry went through a trade slump and many distilleries closed down. Some distilleries never re-opened. Glentauchers was mothballed in 1985 and sold soon after that. The new owners (Allied) re-opened it in 1992. These days the distillery is owned by the Pernod Ricard group.

An official 15 year old Glentauchers was released in mid 2017. Prior to that there were no official bottlings. Independent bottlers have periodically released Glentauchers whisky.

The style of Glentauchers is shaped by a medium-long fermentation period, slow distillation and clear wort. A light, floral and grassy palate is often found.

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Inverdarach Potstill Editions : Glentauchers 11-year-old Sherry

Inverdarach Potstill Editions : Glentauchers 11-year-old Sherry

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