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This distillery is located close to Alness in Ross-Shire. It was built in 1817 by Napoleonic wars hero: Captain Hugh Munro who later transferred  ownership of the distillery to his younger brother. In its early years the distillery struggled to find a reliable source of barley given the excessive demand for it from local rogue distillers. By the 1830's the situation had been dealt with and the distillery produced spirit without problems. The distillery was leased to local businessmen between 1850 and 1898. The last man to acquire the lease to the distillery in the 19th century, Robert Munro, renovated Teaninich and also expanded its production capacity. 

In 1904 the man who expanded and renovated Teaninich acquired full control over it and kept it until his death. Soon after his death, the distillery was sold to United Distillers who closed it during WWII.

In the 1970's production capacity was expanded and a new distillery was built on the same site.  On that decade a  dark grains plant was built to produce cattle feed. As the 1980's economic crisis deepened the owners decided to close it down. Both sites old and new were closed and only the new site reopened in 1991. Nine years later a mash filter was installed and made the usage of mash tuns redundant. To date, it is Scotland's only distillery to use such machinery. 

In 2003 it was announced that another distillery would be built on the same site with a production capacity of 16 million liters. Up until today, the vast majority of the spirit produced at Teaninich ends up in the Johnni Walker Red blends. 

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Teaninich 8 year old The Single Cask Family Series

Teaninich 8 year old The Single Cask Family Series