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Balcones Baby Blue - Corn Whiskey

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Balcones Baby Blue - Corn Whiskey

Baby Blue was the first Texan whisky to be released f   or sale in the US since the prohibition. The mash bill consists of 100% heirloom blue corn distilled in copper pot stills. Expect a unique flavour profile rich with black banana peel, vanilla notes, malty sweetness, dark caramel, baked apples and salted butter. 

Balcones distillery

Balcones is an American craft distillery founded by Chip Tate, who felt the urge do something new. The distillery is housed within an old welding shop under a bridge in Waco, Texas. It is well worth mentioning that vast majority of the equipment used by Balcones to make the whisky was built by Chip and other Balcones members using sheet metal, welding tools and hammers. The end result was a fully functional distillery made by hand, exactly how they wanted it. Their passion for innovation did not stop there as they were credited not only for creating Texan Single Malt but also for the very first Blue Corn Whisky - the True Blue.