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Blair Athol 12 year old Flora & Fauna

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Blair Athol 12 year old Flora & Fauna

This Blair Athol 12 year old is the closest thing to an official release from this Highland distillery located in the picturesque village of Pitlochry. The whisky spent its entire maturation period in sherry casks and was included in the brilliant Flora & Fauna range. 

Blair Athol distillery

Blair Athol is a Highland distillery located in Pitlochry. It was founded in 1798 and as such it is one of Scotland's oldest. When the distillery was built it was named Aldour because of its water source. The present name was adopted in 1825.

Like most distilleries in Scotland Blair Athol went through numerous changes of ownership during the 19th century. It also went through periods of reduced output. The distillery was mothballed in 1932 and remained closed until 1942. While the distillery was closed it was acquired by Arthur Bell and Sons. Upon reopening, the distillery produced whisky for the Bell blends and in the 70's Blair Athol distillery's production capacity was doubled.

A visitor centre was opened in 1987 and very few official single malt bottlings are available.

The short fermentation period, the presence of cloudy wort and the size of the stills contribute towards the nutty, grainy and sweet palate of Blair Athol whisky.