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Cu Bocan Creation No. 6 Pedro Ximenez & Jamaican Rum Casks

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Cu Bocan Creation No. 6 Pedro Ximenez & Jamaican Rum Casks

Creation #6 can be described in two words: RUM + RAISIN. This sixth creation marries Pedro Ximénez casks and Jamaican rum casks with a smoky spirit, resulting in flavors of toasted Jamaica ginger cake, Bonfire Toffee, spiced plum jam, Amaretto cherries, and Daim bar.

Tomatin Distillery

This distillery is located on the village of the same name some 26 km south of Inverness. It was built in 1897 and like many distilleries at the time it went through difficult periods. It went bankrupt in 1906 and remained closed for three years. When the distillery was bought over in 1909 it went through the usual periods of crisis and success that the industry, as a whole, experienced. Its production capacity was expanded four times between 1956 and 1974. When it was expanded for the fourth time it became Scotland's biggest distillery although it never operated at full capacity. 

The distillery went into liquidation in 1986 and it was promptly acquired by Japanese group Takara Shuzo (its current owners). Tomatin became the first distillery in Scotland to be owned by a Japanese company. Eleven pot stills were decommissioned in 2000 and the distillery shifted its focus to single malt whisky production. One high quality blended whisky is also produced: The Antiquary. 

The distillery pays lots of attention to the wood used during maturation.