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Dailuaine 16 year old Flora & Fauna

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Dailuaine 16 year old Flora & Fauna

Dailuaine distillery, primarily utilized by blenders, crafts a robust, meaty spirit renowned for its maturation in sherry casks. Perfect for aficionados of weightier libations, it also lends remarkable depth to homemade blends. Additionally, the distillery boasts an on-site malt production facility, repurposing surplus barley into nutritious cattle feed, ensuring contented cows roam its grounds.

Dailuaine Distillery

This distillery was built in 1851 and less than ten year later it had its own railway connection. In 1888 it was renovated and production capacity was increased. The parent company of Dailuaine was merged with the parent company of Talisker distillery at the time.

Dailuaine distillery was among the very few that survived the Pattison crisis of 1898 and kept producing whisky for blends up until 1917. On that year, the distillery was destroyed by a fire. The distillery closed down for about three years and reopened in 1920. Five years later Distillers Company Limited (DCL) acquired Dailuaine. 

The distillery was renovated again in 1959 and a Saladin box was installed at the distillery. Dailuaine stopped production of its own malted barley in 1983 and less than ten years later its first official bottling was released: Dailuaine 16 year old. 

The style of Dailuaine is heavily influenced by the shape of its pot stills (lamp glass), its long fermentation period (75hrs.), and the usage of unpeated barley. All of these factors plus the reduced contact with copper and rapid distillation produce a meaty and rich spirit.