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Glen Scotia 15 year old - 20CL

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Glen Scotia 15 year old

Glen Scotia 15 Year Old 20cl is a meticulously crafted single malt Scotch whisky that showcases the distinctive character and exceptional craftsmanship of the Glen Scotia distillery. This particular expression is presented in a compact 20cl bottle, perfect for those looking to sample or gift this exquisite whisky.

With a maturation period of 15 years, this Glen Scotia whisky embodies the balance between age and complexity. It is crafted in the Campbeltown region, known for producing whiskies with a unique coastal influence and a rich history dating back to the 19th century.

On the nose, Glen Scotia 15 Year Old 20cl offers a delightful aroma of ripe orchard fruits, such as apples and pears, accompanied by hints of juicy berries. These fruity notes are complemented by a gentle waft of coastal brine, reminiscent of the sea breeze that characterizes whiskies from the Campbeltown region.

Glen Scotia Distillery

Glen Scotia distillery is located in Campbeltown, Scotland. It was founded in 1832 as 'Scotia distillery' by a local company who ran it until 1895. Like many distilleries at the time, it faced tough trading conditions during WWI. The distillery founded the West Highland Malt Distillers Group (WHMDG) along with five other local distilleries.

All of the distilleries in WHMDG went under apart from Glen Scotia. It was purchased in 1924 by Duncan MacCallum owner of Glen Nevis distillery (now defunct). The new owner was forced to close the distillery in 1928 but re-opened it in 1930. On that year MacCallum lost his life savings in a scam and committed suicide by drowning in Campbeltown Loch. Stories abound claiming that his ghost haunts the distillery. 

On that year the distillery was purchased by Bloch Bros. and it was them who added the word 'Glen' to the distillery's name. The distillery somehow survived the WWII trade slump and it was sold in 1954 to Canadian distillers Hiram Walker. Several changes of ownership took place between 1955 and 1994. It also faced periods of closure.

In 2012 new packaging with a Highland cow was introduced. The new look divided opinion. The packaging was changed again after Glen Scotia was sold to the Loch Lomond Group in 2014.

This distillery produces three types of whisky, one un-peated, one medium-peated and one heavily peated. Fermentation and distillation times vary and there is a lot of investment in casks.