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Glencairn Water Jug

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Glencairn Water Jug

The Glencairn Jug was created from lead free crystal and was styled to match the famous Glenacairn Whisky glass. This jug is the perfect shape and size for any whisky lover who wants a little water with a dram. The jugs are designed to be easy to pour, are not heavy or awkward to hold and have the perfect shaped mouth to hold any number of different styled water droppers for those who want to be more precise with how much they add to their whisky.

Glencairn Glass company

The Glencairn Glass is a leading  manufacturer of glass and crystal. For over three decades, this family run business based in Scotland has gained an international reputation for fine crystal and glassware. The business has been built on a commitment to personal service and quality workmanship.