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Glengoyne 12 year old

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Glengoyne 12 year old 

Experience a symphony of flavors in every sip of this whisky. Delight in the zesty essence of lemon, the sweetness of toffee apples, and the subtle aroma of coconut. Crafted meticulously, hand-selected sherry casks infuse richness and a mesmerizing golden hue into the blend. This is the embodiment of Scotland's unhurried distillation process, accentuated by our commitment to air-dried barley, eschewing the use of peat.

Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne is a Highland distillery located in Dumgoyne just to the north of Glasgow. A local landlord acquired a license to distil alcohol on that site in 1833. Some historical evidence suggests that illegal distillation took place all over Dumgoyne since at least the late 18th century. When the distillery opened it was called 'Burnfoot'. It was operated by the founding family until 1850.

The new owners sold it to Glasgow based blenders Lang Bros. Under their ownership the name of the distillery was changed to 'Glen Guin' and this name was eventually anglicised to Glengoyne, its current name. The distillery remained active throughout the many different changes of ownership it went through.  

When the Robertson & Baxter group (Now Edrington Group) bought the Lang Bros. blending company in 1965 it promptly expanded Glengoyne's production capacity. The distillery continued producing spirit and marketed it as 'the un-peated' malt. In 2003 the distillery was taken over by the 10th largest distilling group in the world: Ian Macleod distillers. Sales of Glengoyne increased massively as a result.

A medium-long fermentation period of over 50 hours and a slow distillation yields a fruity, delicate and elegant spirit. The spirit has enough weight to withstand long maturation periods in ex-sherry casks.