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Highland Boundary Birch and Elderflower Spirit

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Highland Boundary Birch and Elderflower Spirit

This is the spirit that started it all. The Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit is made using hand-foraged Birch buds and elderflower.  This concoction boasts a surprising forest-fresh flavor accentuated by subtle floral notes from the elderflower, culminating in a long, refreshing finish that will give you wanting more.                                                           

Ideal for consumption as a frozen shot, over ice, or mixed in a long drink and garnished with a slice of apple, it represents their perfected serving. Once you replace your favourite Gin or Vodka with this lovely Birch and Elderflower elixir, you'll never look back!

About Highland Boundary 

Highland Boundary is the brainchild of Marian and Simon, residents of the picturesque market town of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland. The name of their venture is inspired by the geological feature known as the Highland Boundary Fault, upon which their farm is situated. With one foot in the Highlands and the other in the Lowlands of Scotland, they enjoy the proximity to both regions. To the north, they overlook the Angus glens and the peaks of the Cairngorms, while to the south, their distillery boasts breathtaking vistas of the lush Strathmore valley.

Their approach involves the fusion of Highland botanicals with Southern grain spirit, resulting in a fresh lineage of spirits deeply connected to the surrounding landscape.