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Loch Lomond Steam and Fire

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Loch Lomond Steam and Fire

Crafted with passion and innovation, the remarkable Single Malt Whisky undergoes maturation in three types of American Oak casks before concluding with a 10-month finish in heavily charred casks. This process, executed in their award-winning on-site cooperage, brings forth a plethora of melted brown sugar character, accompanied by a rich buttery mouthfeel and nuanced notes of orange and dark chocolate. Steam & Fire single malt whisky embodies a distinctive expression of craftsmanship and flavor profile.

Loch Lomond Distillery

Loch Lomond distillery is located in Alexandria, Scotland very close to the famous loch of the same name. It was built in 1964 on the site of Britain's oldest car factory. This distillery has a distinctive and unique set up, it uses stills with rectifiers and continuous stills. This allows Loch Lomond distillery to release several different whiskies.

The distillery operated from the early 1960's until the early 1980's when it closed down due to an economic crisis. In 1985 Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Ltd. acquired the distillery and re-started production two years later. The distillery produced only malt whisky until 1993 when Coffee stills were installed. Ever since, grain and malt whisky have been produced side by side there.

In 1994 the parent group acquired the Glen Scotia distillery in Campbeltown. The group's whiskies were released using various different styles of packaging until the distilleries, bottling plant and stocks were acquired by the current owners in 2014.

There is no single 'style' or 'character' that would define Loch Lomond distillery. Given its unusual set up, whiskies produced there might vary in flavour from light and delicate to rich and peated and from un-peated to the more heavily peated