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North British 18 year old Douglas Laing Clan Denny Range

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North British 18 year old Douglas Laing Clan Denny Range

Douglas Laing has once again curated an exceptional single cask expression, this time hailing from the esteemed North British Distillery and proudly featured in their Clan Denny range. This outstanding single grain whisky underwent a meticulous 18-year maturation period in a sole refill barrel, culminating in a bottling strength of 48%. Noteworthy is the commitment to preserving the whisky's integrity—no chill-filtration was applied, and its authentic, natural color remains untouched.

North British Distillery

One of only six dedicated grain distilleries in Scotland, the North British distillery was founded in 1885 by Andrew Usher, William Sanderson, James Watson and John Crabbie. It has a noble history, and the four founders built the distillery in a bid to challenge the monopoly the Distillers Company Ltd. had over the supply of grain.

Production began in 1887 from a single Coffey still, though within three years the capacity had doubled to three million gallons a year. For a period, North British was the largest grain distillery in Scotland. Ironically, a merger between DCL and IDV in 1997 resulted in North British being jointly run by the company which it has first set up to oppose. Awkward… Whisky from North British appears in a few famous blends such as Johnnie Walker Black Label, J&B Rare, The Famous Grouse and Cutty Sark. In 2018, the first distillery bottling of North British single grain was released in collaboration with Douglas Laing.