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Peterson Avoca 2 Pipes Leather Bag - (POU141)

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Peterson Avoca 2 Pipes Leather Bag - (POU141)

A two-pipe bag in soft, deep, and dark leather, with a snap-in tobacco pouch, tamper pocket, and external accessories pocket featuring magnetic buttons.

Peterson of Dublin

Often regarded as one of the finest Tobacconists to come out of the British Isles is arguably Peterson of Dublin . The opening of Kapp Brothers in 1865 was the start of a Legend the reverberates through the halls of tobacco history. when Charles Peterson presented the Kapp Brothers with his revolutionary pipe design and become a partner in the company the Peterson brand was created. At the height of its popularity if you were a smoker of any fashion you smoked a Peterson, politicians, artists, bankers and Working men all smoked Peterson pipes and Peterson pipe tobacco.

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