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Ritmeester Royal Dutch Half Corona Pack of 5

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Royal Dutch Half Corona Pack of 5

The Royal Dutch Half Corona have been made out of highest quality tropical tobaccos which have been hand selected, aged and blended to produce cigars with unique taste and aroma to ensure perfect smoking enjoyment.Each pack contains 5 cigars.

UK Tobacco Company

The firm was set up in 1926 as F. Duckworth & Sons Ltd by the grandfather of the present proprietor, Chris Duckworth. The specialist tobacco and fine cigar mail order department has grown through the years with a large customer base in the UK as well as overseas.

The business has grown to such an extent than they offer more than eighty types of loose tobacco and are constantly improving their extensive range. Chris set up UK Tobacco as a response to growing customer needs allowing greater choice, order accuracy and reduced turnaround times for customers.