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Ship in a Bottle Whisky Decanter 35CL

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Ship in a Bottle

Ship in a bottle but not in the traditional sense this is a Whisky decanter filled with a Blended Malt. Not only is there Whisky in the bottle but also as the name suggests a miniature glass Tall Ship. When the bottle is empty which is inevitable once you have tried it you can refill it with you favourite drink.

The Stylish Whisky Company profile.

The Stylish Whisky Co. was founded in 1999. It produces hand-made gifts and decanter that make perfect gifts for whisky enthusiasts. The skill and craftsmanship of the artists make these gifts truly unique as they have a marked Scottish character. The re-usable nature of the decanters makes them even more interesting as they can be used countless times and can be re-filled with one's favourite whisky or liqueur.