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Paul John Single Cask Unpeated

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Paul John Single Cask Unpeated

Cask #4611 was selected for its special character, aromas and flavours. The whisky was bottled at natural cask strength without added colouring. Those familiar with Paul John whiskies will be delighted with this superb dram.

Paul John Distillery

The Paul John Distillery was constructed in 1993 in the Goa region of India, Designed to use traditional stills not unlike the stills found in Scotland to produce Scotch. In this Case they are Producing one of the finest Indian Single Malts that the world has seen yet. Using experts from the United Kingdom they installed copper pot stills and have proceeded to produce a vast range of whiskies matured in American White Oak casks. The weather in Goa is substantially hotter than in Scotland and as such they lose almost 10% of there cask to the Angel's Share each year. Not seeing this as a detriment they have embraced this and use it to produce rapidly matured whiskies that will leave all whisky lovers stunned.

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