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Talisker 44 year old Forest of the Deep

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Talisker 44 year old Forest of the Deep

The Talisker Expedition Oak Series is a new adventure entirely: A WHISKY SHAPED BY NATURE. The series was born to celebrate wild whisky-making with a collection of rare single malt scotches that have been shaped by the natural elements - finished in casks that include staves stressed by a wilderness journey to reveal a truly rare and unique whisky, accentuated by its exposure. In their second Adventure, they have partnered with Parley to “Rewild Our Seas” with a limited release of 44 year old rare whisky, finished in casks charred by flames fuelled by a mixture of worn oak from our oceanic adventure and sustainably harvested kelp.

Talisker distillery

This distillery is located in Carbost, Isle of Skye. It was founded in 1830 by brothers Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill. Talisker and Clynelish, in Brora, are classic examples of 'Clearance distilleries', they were built by landlords who cleared crofters from their ancestral lands. Those landlords then used the cleared peoples as labourers in their farms and other enterprises. All that was possible thanks to laws enacted after 1746 that protected the rights of 'entrepreneurs' to exploit more profitable farming methods. 

After the MacAskill brothers cleared some land and brought sheep in, they decided to build a distillery. Cleared peoples helped build and run the distillery, the brothers failed to keep the distillery running and it was surrendered to the bank in 1848. For the next 30 years a series of new owners failed to keep the distillery operational; it kept changing hands until 1880. On that year the owner of Dailuaine distillery bought it and promptly built a pier. The pier facilitated the loading of barrels loaded with whisky onto waiting ships. 

Talisker was sold once again in 1892 and Roderick Kemp, the owner, went on to buy Macallan distillery. His business partner owned the distillery until his death in 1916. On that year, a group of blenders headed by John Walker & Son, DCL and John Dewar took over the distillery. After many mergers that collective is now Diageo. 

The last major change at Talisker took place in 1928 when the distillery switched from a triple distillation method to the current double distillation method. It also suffered a massive fire in 1960. It remains one of Diageo's most important brands.