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Uncle Nearest 1856

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Uncle Nearest 1856

This whisky was launched in 2017 and it's a whiskey with a wonderful history. The colour is golden and deep amber. The palate is rich with spice, pumpkin seeds, caramel and ripe stone fruit. The finish is persistent and shows plenty of vanilla undertones. 

Uncle Nearest

A whiskey with a rather interesting history. The name pays hommage to Nathan 'Nearest' Green, a Master Distiller renowned for his skill. 

It all started with a Reverend who owned the Dan Call Farm. This righteous man also owned a not entirely legal distilling operation. Once his congregation became increasingly vocal on their disapproval of such 'ungodly activities' this righteous man agreed to hand over his distilling operation to an associate. 

It was no secret in the area that the actual distillation was carried out by Nathan Green who started working at the farm while enslaved. After abolition became a reality, Nathan Nearest chose to keep working at the farm as a free man in order to provide for his family. 

The hard working people of the area often praised the liquid produced by Master Distiller Nathan Green and its praises were sang in further and further away places. It was only a matter of time before his liquid was known and sought after in Huntsville and Nashville. Some people swore that they knew Nathan's secret: he, they claimed, was the first to filter the spirit through layers and layers of sugar maple charcoal before putting the filtered spirit into oak casks.