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10 Facts about famous cigar brands

10 Facts about famous cigar brands


The brand originated in the 1960's at a time when the CIA was attempting to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Cuban security services discovered a plot to kill him using his beloved cigars. A member of his bodyguard team used to smoke an exquisite blend of tobacco rolled exclusively for him. After sampling one of those sticks, Castro quickly became a fan of the cigars and a cigar factory was set up to supply Cuban leaders as well as foreign diplomats with special and safe cigars. That blend was later released under the name Cohiba. 

Ramon Allones

Was the first brand of cigars to use artworks on cigars boxes, bands on cigars and the world famous 8-9-8 style of packaging. The Allones brothers created the brand in 1845 and their flavour is medium to full in strength.


The brand was named after the main character in British puppet show: Punch and Judy. Up until this day the character appears printed inside all the decorated boxes of Punch cigars.


The founder and original owner of the brand's tobacco plantations and air curing barns was murdered in his plantation while looking after it.

Hoyo de Monterrey

The founder of this world famous brand emigrated from Spain to Cuba when he was only 13 years old. He worked on a tobacco plantation in the famous Vuelta Abajo region. 20 years later he created the famous Hoyo de Monterrey brand.

New World


The brand has its roots in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. There Mr. Melanio Oliva started growing tobacco in 1886. His son Hipolito continued in the family business. After Mr. Hipolito Oliva died, his son Gilberto Oliva continued in the tobacco trade until the 1959 Cuban revolution.

Alec Bradley

In 2014 The Ancient order of Hibernians (the largest Irish organisation in the US) protested the name of a cigar by the Alec Bradley cigar brand: The Filthy Hooligan.


Tabacalera A. Turrent in San Andres Tuxtla, Mexico has been going without interruptions since the late 19th century. Many tobacco plantations and factories in  the world have seen periods of prolonged closure.

Flor de las Antillas

The range of award winning cigars 'Flor de las Antillas' were created by legendary cigar-maker Jose 'Don' Pepin Garcia collaborating with other cigar masters.He has been involved in the creation of countless cigar brands and is one of the industry's living legends.

Joya de Nicaragua

The brand 'Joya de Nicaragua' was revived in Nicaragua after the Sandinista revolution and it struggled to survive. It was the 1990's cigar boom in the US which saved the brand and allowed it to become profitable again.

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