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Glencairn Whisky Glass. Edinburgh Whisky Club

The Guild of Maltheads FAQ

photo: Chet West

Join The Guild of Maltheads

What is The Guild of Maltheads?

Every month members get exclusive access to the newest whisky arrivals here at Jeffrey st Whisky & Tobacco.  At least three new, exclusive or special bottlings (official or independent)  are opened and members of The Guild of Maltheads sample them before anyone else in a special tasting. Expect older age statements and limited releases each time. Before the tasting you get an email informing you which whiskies will be available that month. Members also get notified before anyone else of new arrivals and get a 10% discount on their whisky purchases.


When does The Guild of Maltheads meet?

We meet once a month on the last Saturday of every month in the evening. Members who can't attend the regular tasting can book a private tasting (at no extra cost) and sample their whiskies later during the first week of the following month. 

What do I need to do to join? 

There are two ways, you can get a 6 months or a one year membership (£49 or £99 respectively) which will give you access to 6 or 12 exclusive tasting sessions. You can also purchase access to a single session (max. up to 4 sessions in a year) for £18. Purchase your membership here.

Do I have to buy the whiskies after I tried them?

You can if you want, however, there is no requirement to buy anything. Our idea is to share whisky with more and more people. You also have the option to buy more drams after the tasting.

I am a member and a good friend wants to see what the Guild of Maltheads is all about.

There is a special fee for friends or family of members. Please get in touch to find out about availability:

I might not be always able to attend, do I lose my opportunity to try the whiskies?

No, you can book a tasting at a more convenient time, however, please note that the whiskies are introduced at the monthly tasting. You might see some of the whiskies in your Maltheads tasting included on different tastings in our menu. It all depends on how much time you allow between the monthly tasting and your tasting session.

I want to sample the whiskies and decide later if I want a full membership, can I do this?

Non members can attend up to three sampling sessions and then decide if the Guild of Maltheads is for them. Each tasting session costs £18 and you get full access for one session.

I don't want to join the club and don't want to buy a single session membership, can I still sample the whiskies?

You can also sample some of the the new whiskies in one of our various whisky tastings. The Guild of Malt heads gets access to these whiskies first in a special and exclusive tasting.

What whiskies are sampled by The Guild of Maltheads? 

In the past few years we've sampled first releases from some of the newest distilleries in Scotland as well as whiskies from distilleries that have long ceased to produce whisky. Notable examples are the first releases from Ardnamurchan, Nacnean, Lindores Abbey and Lochlea distilleries. 

We have sampled whiskies from silent distilleries like Caledonian, Garnheath, Carsebridge and Glen Mhor. 

We've also sampled special releases from some of the most sought after distilleries in Scotland like Glenfarclas 185th anniversary, Octomore (several releases) and Daftmill (several releases) among others. 

We've also sampled countless single cask, limited release bottlings from Independent bottlers.


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